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For a Stress-free Dental Service

Dental health for our patients is our priority. At Alvernon Dental in Tucson, AZ, we deliver quality dental care that works with your busy lifestyle. Our dental technology allows you to feel comfortable with procedures, experience less downtime with recovery, and smile without hesitation.

How We Do It

We review all your concerns about your dental health during the initial consultation. We then perform a detailed examination of your teeth and mouth using the latest dental technology to know more about the current state of your oral health. All of the information we gather will be the basis of your dental care treatment.
Dentist Examining a Girl's Teeths - Dental Services in Tucson, AZ

Start Your Oral Health Commitment Now

Flash those pearly whites and stun everyone with your captivating smile. Call us at (520) 326-2725 to learn more about our dental technology and services. Alvernon Dental is more than willing to help you understand which procedures are right for you. You can also set an appointment with us at our clinic to discuss your oral health needs personally. With us working together, you can have the smile you’ve always wanted.